Nina Krüger-Schmale


1st edition 2018. Book. 30 x 21 cm. Hardcover. 156 pages (165 colored picture) – 24,00 € [D] incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-943622-37-9öner-Schonen-Nina-Krüger-Schmale/

Covering, concealing, exposing – these are the concepts constants in the work of Nina Krüger-Schmale. Whether objects, sculptures, paintings, drawings, collages, photo montages, designs for public spaces, performances, actions or videos – the berlin artist uses a variety of artistic media.
MORE BEAUTYFUL PROTECTIVE COVERS shows a representative cross-section of this diverse ironic up most bitter work that makes you laugh aloud, grin, but also scare and shiver leaves.

Always recurring in her diverse oeuvre which is more related to the textile industry slipcover. Over several decades she has the subject covers in many variants artistically processed. The artist speaks in this connection of textile objects. The the actual wording of the term “protective covers” intrinsic importance of the “protection” of Nina Krüger-Schmale. She leads in her artistic appropriation time and again on humorous full-bodied way ad absurdum.

In addition to her occupation with slip covers everyday reality and its illustrations in cat lodge, magazines, advertisements or books Nina Krüger-Schmale also produces by hand slip covers to allow different objects, but also people, machines or building parts to cover up. The serious and quite political side in the work by Nina Krüger-Schmale show the works, in
which deals with the topics of violence, war, and political arbitrariness. always again it addresses the futility of wars and the powerlessness of individuals in authoritarian structures, for example in the male-dominated war and everyday military life. The oppression of women in certain societies and religions communities is the subject of her artistic job.
In addition to a cross section of the artistic work SCHÖNER SCHONEN also offers you one review of performances and actions of the artist regularly, often together with other artists and friends, in front of an audience and occurs in the city space. The humorous, partly self-ironic actions often caused a stir in public and in the media.
Nina Krüger-Schmale approaches the art in her art everyday and thing world as well as the social and political discourse with an equally humorous full and unmasking gesture. By means of the she conquered objects, architecture, people and the urban space. Manual handicraft connects with found objects.
the language of Nina Krüger-Schmale is the laconically