In 1986 the artist began to design a series of architectural projects consisting of „covering- up“ monuments and famous buildings in Berlin, such as the „Haus der Kulturen der Welt“. By applying the traditional aesthetic of adornment and the warmth of the home to the impersonal city today, she aimed to embellish, with touches of colour and gaiety the grimness of urban life, while at the same time proposing a way of protecting the buildings from urban pollution. These artworks, in the form of photomontages, are full of historical and political references which make the viewer pause to reflect. Works such as the proposend cover- ups for the flag of the German Socialistic Republic 1986, the „ Gate of Brandenburg“  and the ruin of the „Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächnis-Kirche“. The artist created more slip-covers, which she realized later (  Face-mask: 1995, Vacuum Cleaner :1991). In her proposal for a monument, dedicated to the Berlin housewifes, one can notice the start of her next project:  A lady with her shopping-buggy, standing on a monument-base, totally covered with leopardskin pattern.