One of my first sculptures, the „Wilmersdorf Widow“, which I dedicated to women of a certain age who were fond of  nylon raincoats with a leopardskin pattern and who embellished with their wild design the grimness of urban life, I created in 1996. The second sculpture I dedicated to a special group of women is the Mallorca-Granny from 2010. These old women populated in the past the narrow streets of the malloquin villages, sitting with their back  to the traffic and their front to the front door of their houses, often with some textil works in their hands.

The other sculptures are portraits of women who were very importent for me. I want to dedicate a monument to all of them with my project „Ommage“, to Oma Ella 1998, Miss Pitcairn, her couple 2014, to my aunt Erna 2013 and at least to Cayetana, La Duquesa de Alba 2015.  And there are more being planned.They all lived their lifes self-determinated and self-confident, ignoring social rules and conventions.

The other sculptures are sometimes variable in design, for example my „Burka to escape 2008. If self-determination is not possible, the woman should be able to escape. To leave „prison“ hidden under the typical dress of that culture and sleep at night in her to a  tent  transformed burka. Or the Lovers hiding 1987. The foldered object can be transported very well and in full form it gives place for lovers, protecting their privacy.