Slip covers

Her „ protectors“ cover up various household implements. These covers hide, enhance and embellish banal objekts ,giving them an added value as well as lending a questionable air or luxury to daily life. They protect from wear and tear. But they cover also the unpleasant which should be repressed. The famous and still relevant slip cover for the toilet paper-roll is a good example. The element of the absurd in the covers amuses the artist and so she carries the principles of protection too far.

1980 she creates Washbasin No.I, a slip cover for her dirty washbasin , in 2005 her „ Bommel costume“  in toilet paper-roll design. She creates covers for objects of daily use, plants, animals and people. Big objects like cars, a swage pump and water tanks are not ignored. The straightjackets which she created for cars and soldiers, her „activ covers“, shall avert violence and pollution. The limits to ordinary covers are sometimes very small.